Hundreds of your fellow Campground Owners
constantly inform us of their concerns and we
have learned how to help them manage and
control their credit/debit card expenses.  For

When campgrounds take reservations over the
phone, their transaction expenses increase.  We
have found methods to control and reduce these
expenses by using techniques which are
available, but not utilized by campground

We also aid owners in recognizing that there is a
difference between credit and debit cards.  Debit
cards are handled by debit networks not credit
card processing banks. The costs of debit
transactions are lower than credit card
transactions and, with a pin-pad, these costs
might be even lower still.

Finally, hotels utilize pre-authorization of
transactions so that they do not have to pay
non-qualified rates on reservations they take
over the phone.  When the customer arrives,
their credit card is swiped at the lower rates.

These are but a few of the techniques which we
have taught to campground owners.

When you combine these techniques, with our
incomparable rates and our superior service
you'll begin to understand why MCPS for
Campgrounds has become the favorite credit
card provider for RV campgrounds
Call us to save $$$ on all your processing needs

Campgrounds are like
no other business in the

They're a little like a hotel,
in that they take
reservations.  They're also
like a retail store since
most campgrounds do
have a camp store. Some
even have restaurants.

They also do quite a bit of
their business on credit or
debit cards (statistics say
over 70%) This
combination is unique.
Check out our


for further
information about
credit cards!